Why Fitness Is Easy For Me


Do you ever think to yourself, “Why is this fitness stuff so easy for her/him and it’s such a struggle for me?!” Let me let you in on the secret… Only if you can keep it a secret too.

The secret is creating micro-habits. What is a micro-habit? It’s much like how it sounds; they are small, simple actions that require a lower amount of motivation but ultimately builds the momentum to get you to your larger goal habit.

micro habits

A few years ago, I didn’t jump right into being healthier, fitter and learn everything right away. I started by having a small bit of courage to go to the gym and use whatever machines I knew how to use. It was embarrassing at the time, but if I found a machine that looked interesting and I had no clue whatsoever how to use it, I would stand there and read the instructions on the machine; talk about being the hugest noob at the gym. Eventually, I invested in cuter workout clothes that would motivate me to go to the gym. Hey, even if I didn’t break a sweat, I least I looked good which made me feel less insecure. I soon discovered female bikini competitors on Instagram that inspired me, then bodybuilding.com for the type of exercises these bikini competitors implement into their workout routine, and soon after I was asking my male friends to show me how to “lift weights.” While all of this was happening, I knew NOTHING about good nutrition. I ate completely unhealthy, having burgers after gym sessions, drinking 2-3 Starbucks flavored lattes a day, and skipping breakfast. But who cares? It was a start. At least I was going to the gym.

A few months go by and I’m consistently going to the gym, I’ve incorporated post-workout protein shakes, preworkout, and BCAAs to my unhealthy eating. Then I ran three half marathons (the San Diego Half Marathon Triple Crown Series!), continued to strength train and I was feeling pretty damn good. I didn’t have abs though, and I didn’t realize that there were muscle groups that I was neglecting (back and shoulders ☹️).

You know how everything always just seems to happen for a reason (I’m a huge believer of this ????????)? Soon after, I was introduced to Herbalife and joined their 10-Week Transformation Challenge. Through the challenge, I learned about proper nutrition, creating a workout schedule to hit every muscle group and how to gain muscle, lose body fat, and get abs! The 10-Week Transformation Challenge was definitely the toughest part of my fitness journey, it required so much discipline and determination. However, I created such great habits that they’ve stuck with me and because of that, health and fitness is a part of my life and it’s a positive light in my life, not torture or misery.

My tips on making health and fitness easy for you:

  1. Create micro-habits. Drink more water. Go for a longer walk. Use a new machine at the gym. The list goes on!
  2. View fitness as fun. Congratulate yourself and get excited when you hit a new personal record or finally have your form down. Heck, get excited for hitting 10,000 steps in your day–I still do!
  3. Think of food as nutrients to help fuel your body, rather than as non-delicious healthy food. We need the right amount of protein, carbs, fats and micronutrients to help push us through our workouts and to keep us awake and alert throughout the day. The better you eat, the less your body will tolerate all that unhealthy crap.

I hope this helps if you’ve been hard on yourself lately for not being exactly where you want to be. Remember, it’s the progress that makes this all fun! Be kind to yourself, love who you are, and do this for YOU because you love yourself enough to do it; not because you hate the way you look. ????