What I Learned From Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


I’ve delved into the field of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) for a little over 5 years now.

When I first got certified as a practitioner in 2017, I loved what I was learning so much that I decided to invest more money to get my certification as a master practitioner in 2018, and then in 2019, I was asked to come back to be in a mentorship role to help with new students getting their practitioner certification.

Funny… I assumed going back to help was just going to be a great refresher for me, but I found that I picked up more learnings and went through my own breakthroughts while watching others learn and answering their questions for them.

Here are some of my biggest takeaways from NLP:

Your level of communication becomes significantly more effective.

It becomes more effective because you are completely aware that if the other person does not understand what you are saying, it’s not their fault—it’s actually yours.

You learn to take ownership of everything and therefore, you feel more in control of your life. If you are aware that the other person just doesn’t seem to be understanding what you are telling them, then you now have the opportunity to take a step back and think of a different way to get your message across to them.

There’s a popular saying: “It’s not what you said, it’s what was heard.”

When you learn to take responsibility for how you perceive the world, it suddenly works in your favor.

So, instead of getting irritated that the other person didn’t fully comprehend what you were explaining to them, you just take a moment to think, “how else can I put this so that it makes more sense to them?” When you do this, not only is your energy compassionate and helpful, you also make the other person feel comfortable around you.

When people feel comfortable around you, they want to hear what you have to say and make the effort to fully understand.

Our brain is amazing.

Because of our brain, we get to make the choice to understand that it is always doing its job—which is to protect us. So, sometimes the brain can unintentionally work against what we consciously want, which is to be successful, to have wealth, and to live in joy.

Yet as we are growing up, we live through experiences that may have taught us dumb a%$ things like:

  • Making money is hard
  • Relationships are difficult
  • Eating healthy sucks
  • Happiness is rare

And why would our brain want us to experience hardship and difficulty? It doesn’t! So in order to protect us, it will make sure we find the easiest way out of everything:

  • We don’t make money easily because we learned that it was hard
  • We don’t fully give our all in relationships because they’re just too difficult
  • We’ll be unhealthy because its easier
  • Happiness is rare so I’ll just never expect it


We have the beautiful ability to shift our mindset and leverage language to make sure that our brain is woking in alignment with what we truly want. As we begin to use new language, the brain then creates new neurons and neuro pathways to think differently.

  • Making money is fun and easy
  • Relationships are fufilling
  • Eating healthy gives me energy
  • Happiness is everywhere

And this is the reason why I love NLP so much!

I get to teach this stuff to my little cousins, to my friends, and to new people I meet.

I get to use this language that works for me and hopefully subconsciously slip the lanuage into the people surrounding me so that they, too, can experience a shift and begin making more money, having happier relationship, and feeling better physically and emotionally.

Let me know if you’ve heard of NLP and what you love about it?