All-Time Favorite Nikes


“The cuter you dress when you work out, the better you feel and the harder you work. True story.”


As a huge marketing nerd, I applaud brands that are genius when it comes to promoting themselves. Nike does a phenomenal job. They don’t just sell you a great product, they sell you determination and the hunger to win. When you wear Nike, you’re not just another athlete, you are the MVP, the winner of the game and you came here to DO IT. So obviously, it comes to no surprise that I wear a lot of Nike branded items.

My all time favorite saying on one of my old Nike tees said, “Not just another pretty face (front). I came here to WIN (back).” And Nike was damn right. I came to the gym to win some BOOTY GAINS.

Back to the real reason I wrote this blog post, I want you guys to all know how amazing Nike Free Run Distances are–I own three pairs and I have no regrets!


No Regrets


The first pair, I received as a birthday gift. They were a new style, and I was deeply in love and obsessed with Nike Free Run Flyknits so I had a biased judgment on these new birthday kicks and didn’t like them right away. Yet, it didn’t take me long to fall in love and push the Flyknits aside. These shoes provide a good amount of support and my goodness, they are comfy! It’s like you’re walking on clouds, that’s the best description I can give you–use your imagination. The moment I saw that the Nike Free Run Distances went on sale on Nike’s website, I could only hear myself say, “treat yo’ self.” So I did! ????

I also discovered that as a size 8.5 in Women’s, I perfectly fit a size 7 in Men’s. The third pair of Nike Free Run Distances I purchased are unisex and were in Men’s sizing but they actually fit me better than the first two pairs (I have wide feet for a woman, apparently). If you’re going for a long walk, spending the day at an amusement/theme park, or shopping the full day, these shoes will be heaven on your feet!

Does anyone disagree and have a better pair of Nikes to recommend? I would love to know! Please comment below!

Nike Free Run Distance


Nike Free Run Distance