Facing Obstacles and Getting Past Them


“Rock bottom has built more heroes than privilege ever will.” -Unknown


14334246_661547637355133_1683217136_nI received a call from my baby sister today (she’s five years younger than me, so she will always be a baby to me), and she was venting to me about the stresses of living away from home, attending college and dealing with roommates and rude people. I found a quote on Pinterest that really resonated with me and shared it with her: “Grow through, what you go through.”

This quote brought me back to the days when I felt like I had hit rock bottom in my life and I was forced to grow through what I was going through. The story about what went on no longer matters, what DOES matter is that I am who I am today because of my past. Sometimes, I look back just to remember how much I’ve grown and it motivates and inspires me.

How do you choose to view your past? Is it also inspiration to you, or do you allow it to pull you deeper into a hole of self-pity? Be careful, your thoughts are powerful and they will control you unless you take charge and learn to control it instead.

Here’s my message for you: For whatever reason that the universe decided that you needed to go through the obstacle you’re being challenged with, see it as an opportunity to build strength, willpower, and character; never as a stroke of bad luck or a time to give up and throw in the towel. It’s all about perspective and how you view YOUR world. So, grow through what you go through, don’t just go through it.

Life is ridiculously mysterious, yet fascinating and wonderful at the same time. Try not to be so blinded by the negative thoughts running through your head that you forget to appreciate the person you’ve become today. You are you, imperfectly, uniquely, and entirely; appreciate it—there’s only one you in this world and no one can ever take your spot.